Pam Garrison

Pam Garrison

    Born and raised in Madison County, Virginia, 1 of 7 children , however my dad was born and raised in Wytheville, VA., where so many of my relatives still reside in Pulaski and Radford.  I have two beautiful grown children, Brooke who resides in Texas with her husband, Gunnar (he serves this great country of ours in the Army), my grandson Blake and granddaughter Charlotte.  My son Taylor and his wife Emily live here in Virginia! I love being in radio, I love the music and most of all the listeners.  There is no better place to live than Virginia, it is God’s Country.  God has blessed me so much and I am so thankful to have a job that I love.

    Your Favorite TV show: That is tough one, I love NASCAR, Football, and comedies, Dateline NBC murder mysteries

    Your Favorite Movie: Wedding Singer and Forest Gump, and Oh Brother, where art thou?

    Your Favorite Food: Fried Bologna Sandwich

    Where would your perfect vacation spot be, and why? The Beach , because I live in the beautiful mountains

    What would be the first thing you would buy if you won a million dollars from the lottery, and why? I would fund my retirement account and donate to numerous charities!

    How soon after waking up do you look at your cell phone? Immediately, it’s my alarm clock

    Have you ever met a Celebrity? Yes, I have been very blessed to have met a lot of country singers, NASCAR drivers and a couple of movie stars